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Participatory Design

Social Hardware works with non-profit organisations to provide assistive devices and rehabilitation services to underserved communities in remote and rural areas.

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Frugal innovation means achieving more with less; it provides functional solutions using fewer resources, resulting in lower-cost products and services, designed to outperform the alternative.

What Is Frugal Innovation?

By actively encouraging stakeholders and members of the public to participate in shaping products and services that address social challenges, more effective solutions can be achieved.

What Is Participatory Design?

In The Press

The Sociable met up with Abhit K, Co-Founder at Social Hardware, which aims to replace costly overseas imports with locally manufactured prostheses, enabling non-profit organizations to help more people, faster, and at much lower cost.

Providing free prosthetics

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The market for low-cost, limited function battery-powered prosthetic devices will continue to expand in an effort to meet the needs of India’s expanding and aging rural amputee population, said Abhit K, Director & Co-Founder, Social Hardware.

User-repairable prosthetics

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Are people aware of organisations offering open source hardware and the benefits that an open source approach can bring to both hardware developers and hardware users? The Co-Founders of Social Hardware share their perspective.

All about innovation

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